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Riding Lessons at Foxhills







Whether you are an established rider wanting a hack out / refresher lesson or you may never have sat on a horse before in your life...





No matter what your age or ability as long as you are over 4 years of age and under 80kg we will do our best to make your experience at Foxhills a pleasurable one.

We offer lessons in a group, one to one and semi-private. Throughout your lesson you will have maximum time in the saddle.

Our instructors are extremely experienced and friendly and will nurture your potential to its full extent. As you progress with your riding you will be offered the chance to move up grades to the next level and even enjoy rides out off the premises.

No matter what your age or ability, your very first lesson will be a taster lesson so that we can decide where to start you off and for you to decide whether you want to continue.

All lessons are non refundable and must be paid for in advance on our online booking system. All lessons will go ahead unless the instructor decides otherwise. If we cancel a lesson we will give you as much notice as possible and credit your ecpro account accordingly.

All lessons cancelled by the customer within 24-hour of the lesson. All fees already paid will be forfeited as it will be impossible to re-sell that lesson in such a short space of time. More than 24 hours notice and a credit is issued to your ecpro account.


ALL riders must be on our premises and ready to ride at least 15 minutes before the lesson start time. This gives us time to get all riders mounted and ready to ride. Late arrivals may lose their lesson so please allow plenty of time to get here. Road works are a common problem at weekends.


Call us on 0121 360 9160 if you think you may be late and we can advise you.

Booking a riding lesson at Foxhills


All our riding lessons are booked via our online booking system which gives our customers greater flexibility in managing their riding lessons. Your first step is to register/create an account.

Follow these easy steps to get started;

1. Visit this link to access the booking system;
2. Register by completing your account details. (Accounts must be in the name of an adult over the age of 18)
3. Verify your email by clicking the automated link sent to you by email
4. Login with your email and password details
5. Add riders to your account. These details MUST be accurate
6. Complete the rider registration then click submit button
7. Extra rider can be added and deleted from your account at the touch of a button


If you have any problems, please contact us on 0121 360 9160 or by email;

Once you have created your account you can then download the APP from your APP store.

Just search EC Pro and then log in with your email address and password.


What to wear: Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished rider Hats and boots are an important part of rider safety. Although we do not expect riders to go out and buy expensive safety wear we do need all riders to wear comfortable riding boots and safety hat. There are lots of places that sell inexpensive boots but hats have to conform to a set safety standard. Boots can be short, just above the ankle which is what we recommend or long just below the knee. The toe part of these boots allow for plenty of free movement within the stirrups. Hats can either be hired from us or purchased from a reputable horse riding tack shop. Hats must be original and not a clever imported copy and have the British Standard kite mark and also a PAS number of 2011 or greater. Be very aware that there are lots of copies on the market especially on the internet. We will check your hat to ensure it complies. A rider safety hat can be hired from us at a cost of £1 for group lessons ( free for private lessons) For further information or advice please call us on 0121 360 9160. Riding jodhpurs/breeches are perfect but initially Long trousers/ leggings or trackie bottoms or jeans (but not too baggie) are allowed. T/sweat/shirt, is ok non baggy jacket etc dependant on the weather. No jewellery is allowed except a pair of small ear studs. It is highly important that all clothing and protective equipment fit the rider correctly and with a high level of comfort. If you are buying short riding boots (recommended) it is suggested you purchase ½ chaps. A combination much better than long riding boots.

Local to Foxhills is a very good Tack shop with qualified hat fitters. Jonties Equestrian will be only too pleased to measure and fit a correct riding hat. Please remember that for a riding hat to be used for lessons it must have the British kite mark and a PAS number greater than 2011 inside. Our office staff will provide you advice upon request. You can contact Jonties on 07877 205589. Open 6 days 10am to 4pm closed on Mondays.


ON ARRIVAL Please drive up the driveway to the first car park and our arena is through the gate


Lesson Fees


  Group Lessons Private Lessons
- £40 / 30 minutes

£35 / 60 minutes

£40 / 30 minutes


Foxhills Riding centre is a multi award winning Riding School that has a strong reputation for providing quality riding instruction in all disciplines and at all levels. Apart from teaching riding we also have a very strong Pony Club, Student volunteer opportunities, Stable management courses, Photo shoots and even birthday parties. Foxhills Riding Centre is a full member of The Association of British Riding Schools, The Pony Club and is also an RDA Accessible Centre. BHS Approval applied for.


We offer plenty of half term and end of term activities to keep children occupied and these will be advertised on our Foxhills Riding Centre Facebook page and you will find them with full details on our ecpro app under events.

Please also check out our Pony Club web page on Wednesday nights 5pm to 7pm and only £7 per week. A great way to learn about pony care and make some lovely friends.

For further information please call 0121 360 9160 or 07546 380 901