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Horses at Foxhills







There are currently 15 horses utilised within the Foxhills Riding School and they are...





TOM is a small 10 hand high Shetland pony. Born 2012 and is currently in training, ready to go into the riding school, to teach our smaller riders, which are aged 4-5 years. Tommy arrived at Foxhills is September 2017 and is very cute. He definately has the 'aaahhh' factor.

Ruby - MyGG

RUBY is one of the prettiest ponies I have ever seen. Born in 2006 this mare is bay in colour and arrived at Foxhills in 2015 all the way from Hull. Very popular with the young riders at 11hh

Sky @ Foxhills

SKY  Is one of our babies, born in 2012. About 11hh and colouring of black and white which makes her PIEBALD. Again through gentle handling she is very loving and gentle. We don’t know much about Sky’s past as she was bought at auction, when she was only 6 months old, just as she had been weaned from her mother. Her passport doesn’t give her breed but we believe she is a full cob type pony. During 2014 sky will be handled and made ready to join the riding school sometime in the future.

CHARLIE  Crystalbrook Soul Man, we call him Charlie is 11.2hh, 7 year old section A mountain pony with really nice grey markings. He has a very pleasant attitude towards humans and has settled down really well. In training he is always eager to please and a perfect gentleman. On the negative side he can poo for England, Charlie can be a little stubben until he receives the correct aids but then will always find an excuse to stop and poo.

TOMMY GIRL was born in 1998 and joined Foxhill’s in 2015. Standing at 12hh she is one of the favourites and ready to please. Although she is one of the older ponies you would think she was a lot younger at times

EMMA is a lovely grey 15 year old Welsh Section A mare. At 12.1hh she is always eager to please and is a pleasure to handle and ride. Even some of our youngest riders find her an easy going natured pony and like the rest enjoys the odd carrot or two.

Alfie - MyGG

ALFIE is very laid back and ready to please. He really likes attention, born in 2012 he is a 15hh cob with very unusual markings with patches of black, brown and white. He is very quiet in nature and has a really thick mane and tail

Billy - MyGG JACK 2. Another new arrival for 2017, standing at 13hh Jack 2 is an experienced riding school pony. He's an excellent pony for young riders coming off lead rein and progressing towards canter. He has more than two colours, which makes him a skewbald.
Ted - MyGG TED Also known as Tonto is a 14.2 cob born in 2010. Piebald colour
Jasper - MyGG

MARY is yet another new addition to Foxhills Riding School during summer of 2017. Mary was born in 2006 and stands at 14hh. She's black and white, which makes her piebald.

JAYNE is our big girl. At 16.2hh. She is 13 years old and is a dark bay Percheron x. Bred locally in the midlands Jayne has had previous success in dressage and working hunter showing. For her size she really is a gentle giant and shows her size with the amount of food she eats.


JACK whose full name is Black Jack, probably because he is jet black in colour is an absolutely stunning 6 year old 12hh Cob. Really nice natured and always eager to please Jack is one of the favourites at Foxhill’s, not too big, not too small & well-proportioned all-rounder.


SIMBA is a 14.1hh dark bay Cob. He is a little over 25 years old but looks a lot younger. This amasing pony has the most gentle nature anybody could wish for and gains an A star in everything he does. We have owned Simba since 2006 but he's now retired and living his life grazing, eating & sleeping. This is one pony that really goes that extra mile to please.

ARIZONA, affectionately known as Ari, is a 12 year old skewbald who stands at 15.2hh. Arrived at Foxhills in 2017, he is very quiet but forward going and is available for our more experienced riders.

BERTIE is a 6 year old bark bay welsh section D gelding and has a nature all of his own. Every morning he always makes himself known before the others and is another favourite here at Foxhill’s.

Barnaby Barnaby BARNABY is also known as Barnaby Bear and was born in 2014. He is one of the most affectionate and handsome ponies we have ever owned. Although not officially in training yet, he chooses which paddock to eat out off and easily clears 4ft fences. Currently standing at 14.1hh, this is definately a pony to watch out for in the future.


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