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About Foxhills







Foxhills has been a riding school for over 50 years and, since being taken over, has undergone an extensive maintanence programme.




Foxhills has been a riding school and livery yard for over 50 years and has recently undergone an extensive maintenance program. Situated on the borders of Birmingham, Aldridge and Walsall we are ideally placed with beautiful views and some great hacking. Our ponies and horses have been carefully selected, vetted and approved by Walsall Council and as a member of the Association of British Riding Schools, Foxhills riding centre has achieved a high level of quality and professionalism. Apart from riding we also teach stable management and run regular one day courses. Our liveried horses are also looked after to the best of our ability and with our full time and part time staff Foxhills is a happy farm.



For further information please call 0121 360 9160 or 07546 380 901